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Luxe Two: A Lala Land Addiction Book Review


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ashley Antionette has done it again in this dynamic duo Luxe! Make sure to check out my review and biography on Ashley Antionette on the first part of  of this duo.

The book picks right up with the excitement following the story of Bleu Montclair. We were left on a pretty intense cliffhanger, and I can say I was really rooting for Bleu.

I will mention this without providing too much, but I didn’t think Bleu was going to make it out alive. This girl has more favor on her life than most, and the majority of the book she worked my nerves. Ashley does a great job portraying the withering lifestyle of an addict. I was able to visualize the scenes as I was reading them, this is just how good this story is! Sienna (Bleu’s Mom) made the ultimate sacrifice, and even though the outcome was unfavorable she showed courage, and selflessness. Love was something Sienna never provided to Bleu her entire life, and that caused her to travel down a path of destruction. Love your children parents, it means so much in their development in life.

Overall Noah and Bleu had a great story! I think Noah portrays the characteristic of a great man… Ladies, get you a Noah. 😊

I am still a little shocked with the ending, and I am hoping for a Luxe 3. The world needs to know the outcome of Cinco and Naomi. 👎🏾 Karma always has a way of rearing it’s ugly head.

I hope you all enjoy Luxe 2 as much as I did. Grab your copy today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Happy Reading 📚

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