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Mafiaso Part 1 – Book Review

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You have to check out this new series by Nisa Santiago! I’ll start off this review with saying, good girls do not always finish last. Always, do what is right even when people can’t see you, or if you feel like it isn’t the easiest decision.I am a big fan of Nisa Santiago’s books and I’ve just added another series to my favorites list! You can catch her bio in my previous review, under Fancies Book Reviews. Ok, let’s get to it.

Our heroine of the book, Maxine, life starts out pretty great. Maxine comes from a two parent home, nice neighborhood, attended the best schools and achieved great grades, even aspired to be a Lawyer… until! Until, Mr. Scottie came into her world. Scottie was a different breed, and that excited Maxine. He grew up on the opposite side of town, with an upbringing far from suitable. Scottie is well respected in his neighborhood, and an upcoming street pharmacist. Everything possible screamed for Maxine not to talk to this guy, but he spoiled her with nice  things and apparently it blinded her. Often times we attract opposites, and always look for love and friendships in all the wrong places. Maxine’s, other downfall in life was her best friend, Layla. If you’ve never listened to your parents before, respect their concerns when it comes to your relationships.

Without giving too much away Maxine’s wonderful world is turned upside down, by Layla and Scottie. The good girl Maxine, turns Maxie and learns a lot of life lessons. Other important characters to Maxine’s life are; Meyer and Bugsy, Lucky Luciana West, Bonnie and  Clyde, and Gotti. All of those names symbolize legendary mobsters. Their significance to the overall story line is huge, and very entertaining. I love the picture Nisa paints, and watching it unfold.. I was hooked!

Make sure to check out this new series by Nisa Santiago, you will not be disappointed! You can grab a copy via Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Happy Reading.  📚

*As previously once the series is complete i’ll provide a recap of the entire series.