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Concrete Cowboy

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

SoClutch Group owns Concrete Cowboy and they have several locations. SoClutch specializes in modern, upscale restaurants, bar and nightclub entertainment. Each brand is uniquely crafted to provide exceptional customer experiences through design, atmosphere and superior service.”  You can find Concrete Cowboy in the following cities; Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, and Frisco.

I decided to host my birthday dinner at this restaurant based upon rave reviews from friends, and I definitely concur. I provided the 5 stars for the overall experience. The food was great from the appetizers, to the drinks, and finally the main course. The restaurant has the feel of a sports bar, and the staff was dressed in sports attire. I had my reservations about stepping in to Cowboy nation as a Packer girl, but it was ok. 😆

As stated I went for dinner, but a brunch menu is provided as well.  I have every intention of checking out their brunch sometime in the near future. If you are in any of the cities listed above I highly recommend you check out Concrete Cowboy.