If you have not realized how important branding yourself is, this story is ideal for you. As a Degreed African American Women I have to make sure I have an awareness of my actions at all times. I have to constantly portray enthusiasm, positivity, and intelligence. I emphasized my role, because people will put you inside an invisible box. Once you’re in the box then people percieve you. Remember, perception is everything. In this article I will highlight what I feel is most important in branding yourself.

Social Media:

If you have an online presence. Meaning you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn page… You have an online presence. Every status update, video, picture, and comment becomes a part of your personal internet footprint. People perceive you based upon the types of topics or activities you chose to participate in. In 2017 as a professional, social media is not the best way to vent your problems. I would suggest investing in a journal for those thoughts.


It is important at all times to maintain professionalism in the work place. To maintain professionalism is quite ambiguous, it entails so much. The first step to executing professionalism is having a clear understanding of what is expected of you in your current role. People can not take you serious if they can not trust you to take care of the duties outlined in your job description.

*Always be on time! To be on time, means you are arriving at least 15 minutes before start time. Time is of the essence, and it must be respected. The best way to arrive on time for work, or scheduled events is to plan out your day. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I know you have heard it, and it is the truth. If you are showing up late you lose credibility.

*Always prepare yourself for any meetings. You want to make sure you are well versed with the agenda and all topics covered. If you are asked any questions you want to make sure you can provide a great answer. You should also prepare stimulating questions to ask as well.


You may ask why appearance is a big deal, huh? What screams confidence more than a women or man in a suit? But it is more than the clothes you wear.

*It is important that your clothes fit your body frame, and are appropriate for the setting. It is pretty important to understand the difference between Business Casual, and Business Formal. Even more important to understand appropriate attire for before 5pm, and after 5pm.

*Always make sure your hair is groomed. As a curly girl, it is imperative my styles are always on point. Adding color to your hair is great, but keep it classy! Rihanna’s Scarlett Red probably will not cut it in the board room.

*I am all for body art, it is a way to express yourself. However, Fortune 500 companies may not share that same thought. So let us stay away from tattoos and piercings neck up.


The act of empowerment is giving the power or authority. It is a beautiful thing when we empower others, and it needs to happen more often. Your peers can be your biggest advocates in the work environment because they can coach and mentor you. Understand that whatever title they possess, it did not come with out hard work. Take time to seek out networking groups that highlights your future goals and interests. You can not grow if you do not expand your networking activities.
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  2. As always great information. As a small business owner, this topic is very relevant to me as I am working on how to effectively brand myself.

    1. Thank you Kia! I’m glad this was able to help. As I look at social media daily, many people just don’t get it.

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