Cantu Product Review

Award winning textured haircare line,  Cantu recently launched a New Anti Fade, color protecting collection that is formulated with a unique Quinoa Pro-Tech technology that results in up to 84% less color fade.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I recently switched up my normal blonde for red. As I am sure many of you red heads have had a problem with the color fading like I have. Once I saw Cantu came out with this new product, I was super excited and ready to try it! To give you a little bit of an overview of the product. You have to use all the products in the picture above for the best results. The shampoo is said to was away build up without stripping color, reduces color fade. The conditioner, moisturizes to enhance color vibrancy, and protects color while improving manageability. And the masque is supposed to strengthen and softens color treated hair.

The reason behind my 4 stars, is I didn’t really care for the masque. The product made my hair feel hard and brittle. Now, from the pictures you will see my hair faded. Which I am sure over time that will happen. Mine happened a little sooner than I would have liked. I can’t really say that this product specifically helped. I would love to hear feedback from others who have tried the product. Nonetheless, it was worth checking it out.. The product smells great!

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