Don’t fall in love with potential

Falling in love with potential is very relevant in our personal lives, as well as professional. As a child you have dreams about who you aspire to be, as well as marry. You map out the perfect job. Attend college, and you choose a major based upon dreams that you’ve had to land your perfect job! In many ways you do the same thing when you’re dating. You’ve built up the perfect mate in your mind. Based upon things you’ve either seen on tv, or you’re trying to model a relationship based upon your parents. But what happens when you don’t land your dream job? Or you can’t find your perfect mate? What do you do? Lets take a look into both areas a little further.

Perfect Mate – As we all have before we build the “perfect” mate in our mind. As a spiritual person it’s so many things wrong with that idea. What we may think is perfect, may not be the best for us. Look back to the people you have dated and it didn’t work. It’s probably a common theme, you are over looking. It may be time to step out of your box, of mainly unrealistic expectations and see people for who they are. You may also come across people who you see things in, potential, that they may not see themselves. It is not your job to get them there. It’ll cost you more time and energy than it’s worth. Only God has the “perfect” mate for you. Trust the process, and embrace every season and the lesson that comes with.

Dream Job – Having goals in life, is what we are taught to do. With that you must possess a level of resilience to endure the hardships that come with having expectations. I spoke above about trusting the process. In everything seek out Him, and what is for you will be. Your dream job, may not be the vision you had as a child. But while you’re chasing your dream, look at all the pitfalls as lessons learned. If you hit a road block, analyze the situation. Take what you can learn from the journey, and move forward. You will repeat hardships, if you aren’t recognizing the lesson that was meant for you.

Moral of the story is to always have a Plan B. Having a Plan B doesn’t mean you failed. Failure only happens when you give up! As always these are mere suggestions, but lessons learned. 😉

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