Fancy Chat Goes Live!!! 🎉🎉

How fitting to launch my dream project, at Dream Cafe located in Addison, TX .  I must take the time out to mention the excellent service received for Fancy Chats, Launch Brunch . The waiting staff was attentive,  and my meal was excellent.


Fancy Chat kicked off October 1st, 2016. I wanted to take the moment to say thank you to everyone involved. Below are captured moments from the brunch, as well as support from family and friends. I hope you all have enjoyed Fancy Chat so far, and continue to spread the word. I appreciate all the emails and messages, please keep them coming. I LOVE IT!!!! 💕

I would also like to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is very important to stay informed. Breast cancer can affect many, and the sooner you are tested the better. Check into the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide more knowledge, as well as how you can contribute to research. #SupportTheCause #KnowledgeIsPower



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