Life Stages


Managing your life in your 20’s is very different than in your 30’s, and as you get older. Today we will take a look at the different areas you should focus on depending on your life stage, both financially as well as career wise.

Let’s start in our 20’s, such a fun time! Right now you are trying to get a clear sense of who you are. At this point if you haven’t established your first checking account, you should get that ball rolling. Check out my story on the basics of checking, to know exactly what is expected. This is also a great time to start budgeting! It doesn’t matter in this stage if you are working full-time, a college student, or recent graduate. Your budgets will look different, but can be very helpful and rewarding for your future. You may also look into establishing credit. I would suggest a bill in your name, possibly a cell phone bill. As well as getting a Secured Credit Card. Your 20’s will set the tone for your adult life, and you want to get things started on a good fit! Outside of your finances, you should also start establishing mentoring relationships. This can help with your career objectives in life.

As you move into your 30’s, life gets a little more serious. I’m sure you have budgeting down packed! You have established solid savings goals, and learned how to manage your credit. You’ve probably experience your first promotion, or several.  Also, at this point you may have added onto your family, so finances are important. You can look into becoming a homeowner to provide stability, and make sure you’re contributing or have established a retirement account. In your 30’s you should continue to focus on your personal brand, and how you can continue to expand your network. Travel internationally and domestically to gain exposure and experience.

Your 40’s is an awesome time, because you don’t have to work as hard. You worked so hard over the past two decades you can now see the benefits of a job well done. Now that doesn’t mean slack, it just means travel more and incorporate some hobbies. 😊 Your finances should be in good shape. You should have a good amount in your savings account, even if you’ve had to use it a little. You should be vested in any of your retirement funds. Depending on when you purchased your home, it may be paid off. Debt you no longer have to worry about.  I would also suggest freshen up any professional skills, you need to stay relevant in a forever changing environment.

Everything listed above are mere suggestions, and can set them as expectations. Many of these objectives can be sought out at any stage. The main thing is to always stay focused on a larger goal, and never become complacent.

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