Smart ATM’s

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ATM’s provide bank account owners with access to their cash and information on their current balance. A Smart ATM is the next evolution of on-the-go banking and additionally provides the ability to receive cash deposits, transfer money between accounts and even clear checks at the ATM.

I was first introduced to a Smart ATM in 2017, and thought it was the best thing out there. As much as I like to socialize, doing banking on my own was ideal to me. It’s not for everyone, and maybe their target audience are Millennial’s.

The term ‘smart ATM’ isn’t new. But as devices evolve and new capabilities become available, it’s important for banks to make sure they are refreshing their networks to keep up with demand and take on more of the functions that would previously have been reserved for in-branch tellers.

RBR forecasts that by 2022, there will be 3.7 million ATMs deployed around the globe, with emerging markets leading the way with growth. However, if these devices are to truly improve financial inclusion and provide the level of experience consumers expect, they will need to do much more than in the past.

Features –

  • Make deposits when you want, any time of day
  • No envelopes or deposit slips needed
  • Get fast credit for cash deposits 
  • Less waiting – deposits made before 8 p.m. CT on regular business days will be posted to your account the same evening
  • Deposit up to 20 checks or 50 bills at a time
  • No math required – Deposit Smart ATMs add up your totals for you
  • Get cash up to the amount available to you at the ATM

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