The Family Business

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Carl Weber is a New York Times and #1 Essence® bestselling novelist. In addition to his writing, Weber is the founder and publisher of Urban Books and in 2005, he was named Blackboard’s Publisher of the Year. He is the owner of the Urban Knowledge chain of book stores and a past recipient of Blackboard’s Bookseller of the Year award.

I never would have imagined this series would have turned out the way it has. Carl Weber is such a talented writer, it’s hard to keep up! I started this series back in 2012! 😳 I believe that shows why I rated the series 5 stars. Every book is a page turner, and we are 8 books in, and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.

LC Duncan is the owner of Duncan Motors, the largest African American owned dealership chain. I found that fact alone to be quite interesting, you don’t hear of too many families owning a dealership. LC had very humble beginnings, and the only one of his brothers to graduate from college. LC was smart, motivated, and driven. Without providing too much information, it’s a lot going on in this dealership! Things you couldn’t even imagine, because as stated LC runs one of the most respected car dealerships.

Prior to moving to New York city, LC was beyond smitten by a young lady named Chippy. I always say nothing worth having comes easy, and Chippy did not. Chippy didn’t attend the same college LC did, or any college at all. She was very different from the person he started out with, a nice young lady named Donna. LC preferred his women a little more grounded like himself, and Donna was a little too uppity to keep his interest. After all sorts of drama LC and Chippy ended up together, and oddly enough Donna never leaves the picture. The couple has 5 kids; Junior, Orlando, Paris, London, and Rio. As you can see the names are a bit extreme, and trust their lifestyle matches exactly who they are.

I highly recommend getting started with this series. You can purchase his books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Happy reading! 📚

Chronological order of books, and visuals:

The Grand Opening

Grand Opening 2

To Paris with Love

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Family Business

The Family Business 2

The family Business 3

The Family Business 4


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