Waiting for your Boaz

Hello my Single Ladies! 


Most women embrace being single, and you ladies are super dope! However, I know it is more than a few who struggle with it. You are probably asking yourself what’s wrong you. I’m here to let you know, it’s nothing wrong with you. God simply has not brought your Boaz to you. In the meantime, and in the season of our singleness we have to focus on what God is trying to show and teach us. Work on growing closer to Him, being obedient and humble, and working on your craft. Also, ladies God does not need your help finding your mate. People will tell you things like you have to get out the house more, do this… Do that. When in all actuality you do not have to do any of those things. God will make sure you are where you need to be…. It is His timing, and not yours. Let God mold, develop, and prepare you for your King.

Ruth 2 – Check out the story. 

Dating Tips: 

*Learn to ask the right questions

*Accept constructive criticsm

*Do not be afraid to dismiss those who are not worthy of your time

*Courtship is still a thing, date without committing, get to know people

*NEVER date a man on potential, if he is not where he needs to be in life, run not walk in the opposite direction 💃🏾💃🏾

*Do not dismiss red flags, if you do you will most certainly regret it

Remember… “If he like it than he should have put a ring on it.” 💍


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